Promote Your SitePromote your site is a must in internet business. There are billions sites on internet. It’s not useful just create blog or site but there is no one know about your site. Noone know mean you have no traffic. No traffic no revenue / income / money from your site. So, we must do something to promote your site to the world.

5 ways that you can to promote your site :

1. Good Looking.
Good looking mean your site must look good. At least clean, organized and easy to read. You must make it look proffesional. Try to consult with some web designer if you have no idea about web design. But please remember, good looking don’t mean you make it heavy. Add some flash or big images may be good eye catcher, but if they make your site too heavy, you will loose your visitor. Some statistic shown that average internet surfer only wait for 10 seconds for a page, or they will close your site. Good looking design can promote your site automatically. Some people may talk or share about your site, without you need to promote.

2. Add your URL on every search engine possible.
Search engine is the biggest traffice driver. So, you must introduce and promote your site to search engines. More search engines is better. If you do not know all search engines, at least you add your site to BIG search engine, like Google, Bing (MSN) and Yahoo. Search engines spider will crawl your site after you add it. The spider will index and put your data in their database. So, when people search something that relevant with your site, search engine can show your site in their result. Promote your site in search engines is not hard to do. You can hire some SEO expert or search engine submitter to do this, but I think do it by yourself if you want to get best result.

3. Get quality link
Try to find other sites that similar with your sites. Contact them and ask exchange link. You also can do exchange link with another sites with no relevant content, but it’s not quality link. 1 quality link better than 10 link without relevant content.

4. Offline Promotion
So many people think that online site do not need offline promotion. It’s wrong. Offline promotion also needed. Promote your site in real world (offline). Write some offline advertisement and send them to local newspaper or magazine. Print out fliers and distribute them. But remember, please do offline promotion wisely. We do not want your fliers just become trash and annoy for people.

5. Keep contact with your visitor
There are so many ways to keep contact with your visitors. Communicate with them will good for your site and business. You may use forum, bulletin board, guest book or comment form, to interactt with your visitors.

That’s all 5 ways to promote your site, I hope that this useful. Maybe almost all of you have exactly know about these site promotion. But some of them forget to do it. Forget to promote your site will make your site have no traffic and revenue.