Social MarketingSocial Media marketing with forums like Facebook, Twitter & Professional networking sites like LinkedIn can act as an effective marketing tool in conjunction with traditional marketing strategies. It’s a great way to strike an instant chord with today’s digital generation & to identify & reach out to our target audience quickly. The business can avail the benefit of wider exposure, increased visibility, better lead generation & added contacts. This results in significant cost savings, not to mention the possible increase in sales revenues. The article lists the many ways companies can market themselves & increase their visibility & goodwill with potential customers via social networking sites.

List Posts

The simple method of using “list posts” can do a world of good to a potential marketer by increasing the appeal of their product to potential customers. But it is important to note that they must be very high quality since quite a lot of list posts floating around the internet is of very poor quality.

Lead Generation for Social Media Marketing

Leads are integral to the success of social media marketing. It helps the client to identify & build on a strong base for their products. They must continuously work on them to consolidate their market base.

The Power of Video Marketing

A large percentage of the videos that float around in sites like You Tube are of very poor quality. If advertisers make an effort to release high quality & well researched videos rich in content then they can strike gold in the form of an increased customer base in addition to retaining existing ones. But special care must be taken to ensure that the quality of the videos is not compromised under any circumstances.

Catchy headlines

No one should underestimate the power of a headline. It has been observed that many people decide to read an article or surf through a web-site only if they find the title catchy enough. Ideally the headline shouldn’t be too long but at the same time attractive enough to catch the viewer’s attention.

Important points regarding Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn

Since Facebook is very dynamic constantly evolving tool the advertisers must ensure that the content is constantly updated. Otherwise there is a very real danger of the page becoming stale & this will not retain customers who will simply move on some other company’s page.

Twitter following is very critical & can make or break the fate of an online marketing campaign. Companies must look for various ways to increase the number of people following their Twitter page. But this must be done in an ethical manner & the focus must also be on quality, not just on adding more followers.

If a company has not posted its page on LinkedIn then there is a very real danger of them losing out on a lot of potential customers. Research has established that vital advertising parameters like lead generation & conversion rates are highest in LinkedIn. It is a very effective site to network with people of certain industries which the marketer might wish to target.

It’s not just enough to generate great advertising content on social networking sites. It’s critical that the quality of content & the accompanying visuals must always be maintained through constant reviews & updates. Each & every post must be thoroughly researched & easy to understand. These simple precautions will go a long way in generating goodwill with netizens.

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