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Top ways to Increasing Your RSS Subscribers

rss subscribersIf one talks about RSS subscribers and RSS feed, the inclusion of RSS feeds in the website ensures that website becomes user friendly. Below are listed some tips to increase your RSS subscribers.

1. Size of RSS icons

Ensure that the RSS icon is easily visible. This makes it easier for the reader to see the icon thus helping them subscribe to the daily updates. Bigger the icon size, more the people will get associated with the blog.

2. Right placement of icons

This is imperative as right placement of the icons ensures that increasing number of people connect with the blog. Topmost portion of the webpage and lower end after the article are considered the best places for placing the icon. People tend to look at the icons, in case these are placed at any of the above listed locations.

3. Icon on every page

RSS icon should essentially be present on all pages of the blog. Since the reader might open up any page of the blog site, it is imperative that the RSS icon should be prominently displayed on all pages of the blog post. In case the reader likes the content, they will have the option to subscribe to RSS feeds immediately. A click of the icon will connect the reader with you.

4. Explanation about RSS and RSS subscribers

With the onset of internet, a new breed of online readers has emerged. It may be possible that not every reader knows about RSS and the benefits of subscribing to the same. A general description on RSS feeds will help you connect with people as serious readers will definitely want to subscribe to the RSS feeds. Giving a basic explanation on the advantages of subscription will definitely work to your advantage and help you increase your web presence.

5. Subscribe to other blogs

This suggestion might surprise you but subscribing to other blogs who deal with topics as yours will work wonders for you. Not only will your blog post get genuine RSS subscribers but the owner of other blog will notice your RSS feed and will definitely like to subscribe to the same. This will work to your advantage as the visitors to their blogs will be inclined to have a look at your blog and can help generate worthy business for the blog.

6. Interact frequently

Being serious always works to your advantage. As a blog writer you need to ensure that you interact with the users frequently. Simply highlighting the RSS feed may not work as a serious reader will only like to connect, if you are able to establish a personal bond with the user. Make it a habit to respond to every email or message of the users. You will not only increase your user base but will earn lot of goodwill from the readers who will take you as a serious blogger.

Internet marketing is the new mantra and a smart innovator always keeps an eye on any development that enables them to establish their distinct presence in the market. Follow the above listed rules and realize the benefits.

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