WhatsApp is currently deploying an update that allows users to link their accounts to an email address, enabling authentication through email verification instead of relying solely on SMS. This feature, previously available in WhatsApp’s beta version, is now accessible to all users.

Whatsapp adding email verifitication

In the latest release, version 23.24.70 of WhatsApp for iPhone, available on the App Store, introduces the Whatsapp email verification feature. While this option doesn’t replace SMS verification, it serves as an alternative for situations where users find themselves in areas with no cellular coverage and need to log in to their WhatsApp accounts.

To associate an email address with your account, navigate to the Your Profile tab, select the Account menu, and tap Email Address. It’s important to note that the provided email address is solely used for account access and remains invisible to other users.

It’s crucial to understand that the email address functions exclusively for authentication purposes, and a valid phone number is still required to use WhatsApp. Although WhatsApp has been working on a feature allowing users to set a username instead of a phone number, this feature is yet to be released.

In recent developments, WhatsApp revamped its macOS app to operate natively on Mac computers earlier this month. In October, the app introduced the ability to use two WhatsApp accounts on the same device and incorporated support for passkeys on Android.

WhatsApp, available for free on the App Store, encourages users to install the latest version to access these new features:

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  • iOS and Android security is driving up the price for zero-day WhatsApp exploits
  • WhatsApp is finally launching a beta app for the iPad
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