PES 2012My review about PES 2012 told how powerful the knuckle shot in PES 2012, especially when doing by Cristiano Ronaldo. I mention it as bug in PES 2012. But if it’s still there, no fixed by Konami, I have some information that may be useful when you against player with Knuckle Shot.

All You Must Know about Knuckle Shot in PES 2012

Knuckle shot is one of free kick shot technique that popularize by Cristiano Ronaldo in the real soccer world. That’s why in PES 2012, Cristiano Ronaldo knuckle shot is the best.

But do not worry, another player also can do the knuckle shot. Just choose player with Shot Power above 85. The best one if you have player with Shot Power above 90. Another PES 2012 player also said about another condition, Shot Accuracy, with value at least 85. But in my opinion, it’s no need to considering the Shot Accuracy. Just target the center of goal, that’s it. Even your player’s Shot Accuracy just 50, it’s no way he will miss the goal, at least it will reach the most left bar, or most right bar.

As a free kicker, to do knuckle shot in PES 2012 is by press Square. It will make your player running to the ball. When his foot reaching / contact with the ball, just press Square once again. It’s all about the timing. To know you success or not, just see the result. The ball will move like crazy. Another way to check it is if your power bar still same, not increase, it mean you success. This is the way that almost all players know.

The new trick about doing the knuckle shot is press the square while ball in the air. Combine the direction with square button.
The first combination : press down + Square while ball in the air. The ball will blast and go down with increasing speed.
The second combination : press left or right + Square while ball in the air. The ball will blast and go right with increasing speed. Choose wisely, right or left. Even I said Shot Accuracy not influence, but if your target to the left, and then move the ball to the left, it will miss and too wide.
The first combination : press up + Square while ball in the air. The ball will blast, increasing the ball speed and try to move straight (just the gravitation that will make the ball going down).
These 3 combination are not suggest to do when the ball still in going up. The best result is when the ball have close to the goalkeeper.

Goalkeeper vs Knuckle Shot in PES 2012

As the goalkeeper, it will sucks if almost 95% knuckle shot can be a goal. The goalkeeper always late to response. So, how if you become a goalkeeper and againt the knuckle shot in PES 2012 ?

In my experience, I help my goalkeeper by pressing triangle or circle when the ball have close to the goalkeeper. It will your goalkeeper react faster and block the ball. The best one is by pressing circle. Your defense must aware and clear the ball after the goalkeeper block the ball.

Becareful, when you press the circle, your another control player will doing tackle. So make sure the your control player do not close to another enemy player. To change the control player, press L1 and move the right analog. It will good if you can move the right analog fast, and make the goalie as the control player.

That’s all that I can share about knuckle shot in PES 2012, and I will update if find another facts

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