This PES 2009 dribble tricks written because Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 has been released.
PES 2009 offered some new features : like team license from Liverpool and Manchester United, player’s movement more realistic, become legend mode (very interesting, try this) and more features in master league.

PES 2009 Dribble Tricks

But I won’t share about the features this time. If you like to do some dribble trick in Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 (or Winning Eleven 2009), you will find that it’s not like the previous version. So, I want share about PES 2009 dribble tricks this time.

These trick explained with condition your player move from left to right (facing the right) :

Cross over : while running press L1 twice

Cross over 2 : while running press L2 twice

Tricky feint 1 : hold R2 + press up (or down) twice

Tricky feint 2 : hold R2 + press up then down (do it quickly) or hold R2 + press down then up (do it quickly).

Lift the ball : hold R2 + press left then right (do it quickly). Your player will lift the ball, you can use it to pass defensive player or avoid tackling.

Drag-back : hold R2 + press back button twice (hold R2 + press left button twice )

Drag-back and go : hold R2 + press back button twice (hold R2 + press left button twice ) then press (up+right) or (down+right)

Flip-flap : it’s more difficult to explain, but i’ll try my best. While running (don’t press R1) press up+right then down+right or you can press down+right then up+right, depending on defensive player position. You must do it quickly.

360 degree turn over : it’s my favorite trick because so many players said that this trick has been removed. It’s wrong. To do this, just rotate your left analog 360 degree, clockwise or reverse clockwise.

More practise, so will know how to use these PES 2009 dribble tricks in game.

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