PES 2011PES 2011 free kick and penalty kick have different method with previous one. PES 2011 free kick method combine the previous version, combine Triangle and X button after press the Square in Free Kick. But PES 2011 penalty kick really different. It’s implemented new method in Penalty Kick.

PES 2011 Free Kick

Short Free Kick (usually under 23 m), press Square  + down, then while ball in the air, press X button + left or right to curve it. You also may press down to make the ball go down (and not cross over the bar)
Alternative, you may press O + down, to make the ball pass below the player. It’s effective when the player jump when you kick the ball.

Medium Free Kick (IMO, between 23m – 29m), press Square. While the ball in the air, press X button + left/right to curve it. You may press down to make it go down and not croos over the bar. In this range, press X button while ball in the air in optional. My suggestion, do not press it. Press X button make the ball curve greatly, but with less power.

Long Free Kick (above 30m), press Square + up (to give more power), then while ball in the air, curve it by press Triangle + left/right.

Knuckle Free Kick (Cristiano Ronaldo trade mark). Press Square+up and while ball in air, press square again.

PES 2011 Penalty Kick

In penalty kick, you must press the combination of button when do penalty kick. After press Square, you must press back or front to determine, the ball is chip ball or straight one;  and then press Left or Right to aim the target. Remember, back, front, left and right relative with your player position.

Maybe it’s hard to get clear information by read the article, so please see the video. I have find the best video in Youtube about Free kick. And to tribute to the original, please see the video in original URL. I just copy and upload it again in my Youtube account as a mirror.

Original video copy from here

Hope that video can help you understand more about PES 2011 free kick and penalty kick.

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